How to Prepare for a Smile Makeover – Farmington, MI

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If you have been planning to undergo a cosmetic dental procedure for the longest time, what are you waiting for? It is now time to schedule a visit to start making your teeth more beautiful! If you are still hesitant, no need to worry for we at Roman Shlafer, DDS is here to help. We made a list of things to remember to prepare for your smile makeover properly.


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  • Like any other dental procedures, it also starts with a consultation. It is an essential part of the process since it is when the dentist would check if a patient is a candidate for a certain treatment.
  • An extensive evaluation would be performed. It is to check the overall status of the teeth, gums, mouth, and other oral structures. Existing dental works and current complications that need to be corrected or addressed would be noted to make sure that there will be no other issues once the procedure is completed. X-rays and impressions may also be taken as part of the overall evaluation.
  • Communicate with the dentist openly by letting them know any issues you encounter, and also have a plan in mind on how you expect your smile to be like.
  • Since the dentist now has a clearer view of your needs, ask for every option available. Do not be ashamed to ask if the treatments are fitted for your budget. One of the most common misconceptions about a smile makeover is that it is costly compared to other procedures, so it is best to know if there are any financing options.
  • Go over the treatment plan with the dentist. It is best to listen for their recommendations. Walk through all the available options and take your time deciding which you and the dentist think is best.
  • The treatment process would start once the patient finalizes the list of smile makeover options they prefer. Scheduling the treatments would then take place. As the patient already knows the number of procedure needed, how far apart are they should be, and the overall cost would make it go smoothly.

Since we at Roman Shlafer, DDS have our patients’ best interest in mind, we take into account that every case is unique. We determine which ones are mostly needed for a full mouth reconstruction and give every information to our patients.


For more inquiries about Smile Makeover in Farmington, MI, and the services it includes, call us at Roman Shlafer, DDS. You can visit us at 31930 Grand River, Farmington, MI 48336.