Mouth Guards in Farmington, MI: Facts and Benefits

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The teeth are an important part of a person’s smile and overall facial feature. For people who are into contact sports such as athletes, their teeth, and other oral structures are prone to injury and trauma. Unprotected teeth might be damaged, or knocked-out in the long run and would create an unsightly appearance.


A Mouth Guard is a protective oral appliance which covers the teeth and the gums to avoid injuries from teeth grinding and sports. Here at Roman Shlafer, DDS, we offer custom Mouth Guards and Night Guards to prevent the risks of injury from contact and non-contact sports and the effects of bruxism,


Mouth Guards


Facts about Mouth Guards


Mouth Guards not created equal. Each person has different facial features, and the same goes for the teeth structure. That is the reason why mouth guards are not the same at all. Custom mouth guards provide better fit and protection to the teeth compared to those readily available on the market. Also, when mouth guards are loose, there is a possibility that complications would happen.


Up to 95 percent of all sports-related concussions are transmitted to the brain by the lower jaw. Wearing mouth guards lowers the chances of having concussions because mouth guards act as a shock absorber.


Mouth guards protect other facial and body structure. The oral appliance does not only protect the teeth, but it also shields the gums and offer some protection against neck injuries. It distributes the impact force of the blow all over the teeth which diminishes the contact between the lower jaw and upper jaw.


Millions of teeth are knocked out because of sports injuries every year. Mouth guards are cost-effective and are an ideal solution in protecting both the child and the adult’s teeth. Wearing mouth guards during practice, particularly of contact sports, is only a small investment to have good dental health.


If patients have braces, they can still wear mouth guards: The dentist will always check whether a patient is a candidate to wear mouth guards. For patients who wear braces, mouth guards that are too tight might prevent the braces from moving and adjusting the teeth for alignment. On the other hand, a loose mouth guard can affect the performance and effectivity of the braces and may cause tooth and orthodontic damage.


Benefits of Mouth Guards

  • Mouth guards protect the teeth and other facial structures
  • Prevent bruising and cutting of the lips, tongue and the cheeks
  • Protect against severe injuries by avoiding situations where the lower and the upper jaw jams
  • Custom mouth guard provides best fit and comfort
  • Prevent tooth loss, chipped or broken teeth, bone damage, jaw fracture and other serious injuries.


If you’re looking for the best fit and comfort of Mouth Guards in Farmington, MI, contact us at Roman Shlafer, DDS and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.