Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea

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We are all aware of the importance of good oral care. We are reminded to visit our dentists every six month for cleanings and check-ups and are taught how to brush, floss, and look for early warning signs of gum disease. What many people don’t know is that dental visits can also detect health complications relating to the heart, bones, pregnancy, diabetes, and even sleep disorders.

For over 20 million Americans, better health starts with a good nightʼs sleep. For 15 percent of our population, Sleep Apnea has become a reality. Now, for those people, a better nightʼs sleep is more than just a dream; itʼs a reality.

Unfortunately, many people do not even know of their potential diagnosis until a friend or relative brings it to their attention. Sleep Apnea affects a personʼs breathing during sleep and can impact all ages and walks of life – women, men, and children. When quality of sleep suffers, so does daytime energy, enthusiasm, and overall health.

Many people who suffer from Sleep Apnea are familiar with sleep observation clinics, antidepressant medication, and electronic machines (like CPAP) to help tame the condition. New discoveries in technology show that modern dental appliances can not only ease the symptoms of Sleep Apnea but also help to ensure a full night of REM sleep – creating a peaceful night for you and your family. Dr. Shlafer resolves to fight against Sleep Apnea through diagnosis, treatment, and oral appliances made specifically to treat the condition.

The most common form of Sleep Apnea is OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). Now, dental appliances can be used to clear any obstructions causing OSA and help you and your family enjoy the night again. At Dr. Roman Shlafer, DDS, LLC, we specialize in diagnosing and treating OSA-related symptoms. “Sleep Apnea is a common disorder that, thankfully, can be better diagnosed and treated. Thanks to modern dentistry appliances, we are helping families and saving lives,” said Dr. Shlafer.

Sleep observation clinics, family doctors, and dentistry professionals have been studying the causes and treatments of Sleep Apnea for years. By staying on top of the latest in preventative care and dental technology Dr. Roman Shlafer is able to provide complete evaluations and ensure their patients a proactive approach to long- lasting oral and overall health. “We are dedicated to providing the complete care that will get our patientʼs new year off to a healthy, happy start.”