Reasons to Not Skip a Dental Appointment – Farmington, MI

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People who understand the importance of keeping oral health in great shape know that aside from performing dental hygiene and care at home, a routine dental visit is still necessary. Those who do not know may be wondering, “why is it that the American Dental Association (ADA) recommend patients to schedule a dental visit every six months?”. It is because professional assistance is vital to ensure the overall wellness of a patient.

At Roman Shlafer, DDS, we highly encourage our patients to schedule routine visits, so our dentist can provide them with the best care they deserve. For everyone to fully understand the importance of dental appointments, here is a list of reasons that we prepared.


Dental Visit


Top Reasons Why a Six Month Dental Checkup is Vital

Build a good relationship with the dentist

It is normal for patients to feel nervous during dental visits. Seeing the dentist regularly can help ease their fear and anxiety; as a result, future visits would go smoothly. It also makes the relationship between the patient and the dentist better which is good since they are partners when it comes to oral health care.

Get better sleep

Believe it or not, aside from anything dental, dentists can also help patients get a solution for their sleep problems. Disruptions at night may be due to issues like sleep apnea or Bruxism (teeth grinding). If the dentist sees any sign that indicates these problems, recommendations will be given accordingly.

Early detection of dental problems

Dental professionals can detect oral issues that are not easily spotted by patients. It is even possible that the problem only causes pain once it advances. During routine visits, the dentist would check for the following:

  • Check the state of the gums
  • Inspect for any buildup of plaque and tartar
  • Assess the teeth’s condition
  • Examine the throat, tongue, and neck

After all these, the dentist would discuss any irregularities observed and the recommendations. Doing so avoids the possibility of bad breath, tooth loss, cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and more.

Better confidence

Having beautiful and healthy teeth make patients feel good about themselves. They can show off their smiles more confidently knowing that their smile is the excellent result of observing proper oral hygiene and routine visits.

Our patients at Roman Shlafer, DDS can take advantage of the services we offer under Complete Checkups like professional cleanings, digital x-rays, oral cancer screening, and fluoride applications to attain an excellent oral state!


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Complete Checkups in Farmington, MI. Book your appointment with us at Roman Shlafer, DDS and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!