Recognizing Gum Disease Symptoms

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The health of your mouth reflects your overall health so when you notice your gums becoming inflamed or bleeding when you brush, be sure to make an appointment with us as soon as possible. These could be gum disease symptoms that indicate the presence of an infection in your mouth. Unfortunately, periodontal disease will not improve without intervention, it will only worsen. However, when treated early, periodontal disease damage is reversible.

Bleeding, Swollen Gums

The first gum disease symptoms to appear are inflammation and bleeding. Most patients experience bleeding gums only while brushing or flossing but it can occur spontaneously. This is a result of irritation and infection of the gums caused by the bacteria that inhabit the plaque on your teeth.

Bad Breath

The bacteria can also emit toxins which produce a foul odor, leaving you with persistent halitosis. It is also important to remember that periodontal disease is an active infection.

Gum Recession

As a result of the infection, your gum tissue may wear away, seemingly shrinking down your tooth surface. While most patients are concerned with the unattractive result of gum recession, there is a greater health risk. Your gums form a barrier to decay and infection, and without that barrier, your teeth are left vulnerable.

Tooth and Bone Loss

Once the connective tissue that supports your teeth has been damaged, the gum disease symptoms of bone and tooth loss can follow. Bone density is also lost due to the infection and can result in loose and shifting teeth. Without treatment, you could lose some of your teeth.