What’s Going on During a Root Canal Treatment? – Farmington, MI

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Would you like to get rid of your infected tooth? Consider root canal treatment first! Here at Roman Shlafer, DDS, our focus is not only to mend the decayed tooth of our patients but we also aim to retain the natural structure of the teeth. We believe that everyone can free their pearly whites from infections without undergoing an extraction – thanks to root canals.

A root canal therapy keeps the appearance and functionality of the affected tooth intact. The procedure takes out the dead nerves residing inside the tooth’s inner portion. With that, symptoms like a toothache and any discomfort are stopped after the completion of the treatment. Many believe that the processes involved with root canals are painful. But in reality, getting a root canal treatment is somewhat similar to the application of fillings.


Dental Checkup


Step-By-Step Process Of Root Canals

The Preparation

First, the dentist will numb the tooth that needs the treatment. To do this local anesthesia is injected to the affected site. It is ideal to keep the tooth clean and dry while the procedure is ongoing, that is why dental professionals always utilize a dental dam during a root canal treatment. It is a piece of rubber designed to isolate the tooth to be treated.

The Cleaning Process

To access the pulp, opening the top portion of the tooth is a must. It may sound like an intense activity, but there is nothing to fear as the anesthetics will not let you feel any pain. After drilling, the dentist will then eliminate the infection inside the tooth using a small file. The same tool is used to shape the inner chamber for irrigation. The cleaning process will be finished with the placement of an antimicrobial solution.

The Application Of Temporary Fillings

When all is set and dried, the dentist will then apply a temporary filling on the treated tooth. Fillings will serve as a temporary covering for the hole to avoid reinfections. However, it is best if patients will invest in a crown to preserve both the aesthetics and function of the tooth.

Getting A Crown

It may take a few weeks before the crown is completely fabricated. Once finished, the patient will go back to the clinic for the permanent crown to be placed.


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