Whiten Your Teeth at Home – Farmington, MI

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Home is where everything is possible. It’s a place for those who want to take advantage of a good night’s sleep, spend long hours watching movies or shows, enjoy varieties of food in the fridge, and a lot more. It provides everyone with peace, relaxation and – a white smile? Yes! Because the truth is, whitening the teeth always starts at home.

For most people, a beautiful smile is always associated with bright, stain-free teeth. No wonder, many famous individuals like the celebrities are so addicted to whitening their teeth. However, it is not just for celebs; even normal people are investing in it too!

There are two ways for a teeth whitening procedure to be done; in the dental office or at home. While an in-office treatment might not be ideal for those busy people, Roman Shlafer, DDS provides a convenient way for patients to whiten their teeth at home with the use of the Nite White system.

Through the Nite White system, one can ensure a safe, effective, and immediate result. It can lighten enamel discolorations that usually caused by the consumption of highly colored juices, coffee, tea, and any other sources. The gel comes in two exciting flavors, mint or cherry, to give patients a fun whitening experience. After 7-10 nights of wearing the custom-fitted tray overnight, users can guarantee significant changes to their tooth shade. The carbamide peroxide in Nite White was not just recognized by the FDA as an oral antiseptic for many years before, but it is also now known as superior in clearing even the most difficult tooth stains.


Woman with White Teeth


Benefits of Nite White

According to the data that had been collected for the product review, Nite White is excellent in the following:

  • Strengthening and boosting the tooth enamel
  • Desensitizing the teeth and gums
  • Providing long-lasting and visible results
  • Dramatically whitening the smiles

Home is not just a haven of comfort but also a place where dreams begin and prosper. At home, “smile goals” are always attainable with the help of Nite White system, proper oral hygiene, good lifestyle, right eating habits and regular checkups at the dentist.


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