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Sedation Dentistry

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For some patients, visiting the dentist is a traumatic experience that causes anxiety. If you’re one of these patients, you no longer have to fear your dental appointments because Dr. Shlafer offers multiple sedation options at our practice. No matter which option you choose, sedation is guaranteed to help you relax and feel comfortable in the dental chair.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Although the anesthetic used in modern dentistry is extremely effective at reducing pain, administering the anesthetic often requires a needle prick that some patients fear. Sedation dentistry enables patients to arrive for their dental appointments completely at ease.

Oral Sedation

With oral conscious sedation, you can experience total relief without using a needle or IV tube. This method involves taking a small pill roughly an hour before your appointment. By the time you arrive at our office, you’ll experience a calming sensation that will help you relax for the duration of your dental care. Dr. Shlafer will monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure to ensure your safety.

It’s important to note that you won’t actually go to sleep or lose consciousness during the procedure. You’ll remain awake and alert throughout, able to respond to Dr. Shlafer’s requests as needed. However, you’ll have little to no memory of your treatment after it’s finished.

The medication you take will begin to take effect before you get to our office and these effects often linger for an hour or two after the procedure is finished. Because of this, you’ll need to arrange for a responsible companion to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is another method that we can use to help you relax. For this method, we’ll use an IV tube to administer a special sedative that takes effect almost immediately. Though Dr. Shlafer doesn’t perform IV sedation himself, we have a licensed anesthesiologist on call for patients who choose this option.

Much like oral conscious sedation, you’ll remain awake and responsive during your treatment, though you won’t remember it after the sedation wears off. While the effects wear off quicker with this method, you’ll still need a ride home from your appointment as a measure of precaution.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you receive dental sedation from Dr. Shlafer, you can expect a relaxing, stress-free experience for your dental procedure. We offer oral and IV sedation, which is taken either with a type of pill before your appointment or through an IV administered by our licensed anesthesiologist.

With oral sedation, you will remain conscious and awake during your treatment. Many patients may feel like they have dozed off and won’t feel any pain. When you receive IV sedation, you will experience moderate to high levels of amnesia. Our patients typically say they don’t remember their procedure and you’ll need someone to drive you home.
Generally, our patients won’t feel any pain during their dental procedure. By offering sedation dentistry, we ‘re capable of providing you with an easy, nearly pain-free visit.

We’ll typically use numbing gel for a surgical procedure, so you won’t feel much while our team works on your smile. If you do end up feeling some discomfort, it’s expected to occur after your treatment during your healing period when the sedatives have worn off.
Yes, sedation dentistry is very safe, especially here at our dental office. Dr. Shlafer is an experienced dentist who can safely deliver sedatives to our patients, plus, we have an anesthesiologist who is always on call for procedures that require an IV.

It is important to know that sedation dentistry may differ for those who are obese or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. If this is the case for you, we can discuss these possible issues with you at your consultation.
A good candidate for sedation dentistry is anyone who is scared of the dentist and needs help relaxing for their procedure. If you suffer from dental anxiety or a phobia, a sedative will be right for you.

You may also be a great candidate for sedation dentistry if you:
  • Have had a previously traumatic dental experience
  • Are fearful of needles
  • Have overly sensitive teeth or have trouble getting numb
  • Gag frequently
  • Hate the smells or noises at a dentist's office
  • Are having a more complex dental treatment

Ask Dr. Shlafer About Your Sedation Options

If you experience anxiety when visiting the dentist, we can change your entire experience. Give us a call at (248) 781-0040 to schedule your complimentary consultation or stop by to meet our exceptional team of dentists.

We’ll be happy to discuss your sedation options and determine the best choice for you. We proudly serve patients from Westland, Livonia, Birmingham, Novi, Farmington Hills, and throughout Michigan.

Don’t wait, come and see how dentistry is done differently at Roman Shlafer, DDS.

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"Dr. Shlafer became my dentist 2 years ago when my fiance at the time recommended I use his dentist. From the initial consultation, I knew Dr Shlafer would be my long term dentist. Dr Shalfer and his team were very thorough which showed that they truly cared about my dental health. I highly recommend Dr. Shlafer."

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"The staff here is stellar. I've been going here for years now and have never had a bad experience. The women at the desk greet everyone by name, and the doctor remembers everything you tell him about yourself. Everyone here knows what they're doing, a trip here is never a hassle, and they'll always keep your best interest in mind."

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"Dr. Shlafer and staff are absolutely fabulous. So incredibly friendly and accommodating and Dr. is so gentle and very comforting. The office atmosphere is very relaxing as well!"

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