All about Sleep Apnea in Farmington

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People with Sleep Apnea experiences pauses in breathing because the passage airway is being blocked. With continuous interruption in breathing, the body wakes up many times throughout the night leaving the patient feel tired in the morning. When sleep apnea … Continued

Why are Dentures Important? Farmington, MI

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Dentures are portable dental appliance that replaces missing teeth. Dentures helped restore the smile and designed to look natural so that the patient will feel comfortable wearing it. A denture may be uncomfortable at first for some patients, but they … Continued

The Timeless Appeal of a Great Smile

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Although little orphan Annie may have buoyantly declared “you’re never fully dressed without a smile,” aging can cause wear and tear on your teeth which may make you self-conscious about expressing your joy with a smile. Dental implants have become … Continued

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